L U S S A R I ´S P I N S C H E R

A Litter



Gin di Kristianden x Kenzo vom Kösslbachtal














Aisha Abigail Andaluçia Athos-Ashanti


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the very first photosession - 29.08.2005:


Abigail Athos-Ashanti













Aisha Andaluçia













Abigail Athos-Ashanti















Aisha Andaluçia
















She is a photocopy of her mother plus she got the correct angulations and

other merits of her father. I am happy indeed!















the only boy in the litter – he is a proud little man... living in Vienna/Austria

with his so good new "parents" Natascha and Stephan. Thanks for the pictures!







































This small and strong bitch is very similar in character to her half-sister

DUNA vom Kösslbachtal – always happy and a sunshine girl.
















My "Lucy" is a small and vivacious girl with a well/balanced body and

a beautiful face.































































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